Haiku Pomes

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In class we are doing Haiku Poems Poetry. This week have been making Haiku Poems, to make a Haiku Poem you need 5 syllables in one sentence and then for the next sentence you need 7 syllables and then 5 syllables. Haiku is Japanese.

One of mine is…

Stop its Hammer

Come along and Dance with me

Face it dude , come on.

YCDI ( You Can Do It )


At Leopold Primary school we are a “ You Can Do It “ school. The Values of YCDI are… Getting along, Organisation, Confidence, Persistence and Resilience.

Getting along means, sharing with others, making new friends, caring for others and lots, lots more!

Organisation means being tidy, caring for school property, Listening and following instructions.

Confidence means getting up and doing something you haven’t done before, encouraging others and Being brave.

Persistence means having a go, not giving up and keep trying till you get it right!

Resilience means going for your goals and when you’re down on the grown get back up and try again.

When I have shown these values:

Getting along: At Bike Ed Camp I had to get along with the girls that were in my cabin.

Organisation: I got ready for camp and when we left we had to tidy our cabins.

Confidence: Some people at camp got up and sang some karaoke and were a bit shy.

Persistence: When we went on the night walk at camp people’s legs were getting tired but they kept trying anyway.

Resilience: I saw Oscar fell off his bike it hurt a bit but he got up and kept riding.

This Is me showing Persistence! This Is Josh Walker from the geelong Cats team and me from Leopold Primary School.

Have you done any for these before in your life?

Hi I’m back and right now you are about to see our beans growing before I show you I will tell you what we are doing in class… We are going Plants in Action! We are watching beans grow at the moment and it’s very good! The people that were in my group were Dana and Ham! Please Visit their blog please :).

below is a table of what has been going on with our beans!


And here is a picture of the beans below!







Question Time!

How’s your beans going?

Have you grown a bean before?



Football Clinc!!!

On the 16th of July Josh Walker and Stevey Johnston came done to our school to teach us to mark kicking and all the other stuff that you need to learn to play football!


Josh said to me that I’m a very active kid and a very crazy one too but I was alright with that cause I am crazy! Any way the taught us that we can’t do this in football but you can do this in footbal but it was very awesome!

The picture I was going to show you isn’t coming up right so I might try later!


Were you apart of the clinc?

What did you learn? 

My School Holiday Timetable!

Hi i’m back and now I am  going to tell you about my… SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! there is soooo much that I loved about these school holidays I did so much these holidays but, when we came back we started to use Excel to do our writing about the holidays! Mr lees or teacher told us to pick three or two days to write about for our holidays. below is what we did in class!



Using Excel was really awesome I learnt that you can add and even use it in maths! I see my dad a lot on it and it is really easy. Today this text is meant to inform you it is an information text.

Well thats it for today but before you go i have a question for you:

What did you do in your holidays?

What was your highlight?


Semester 1!

Hi i’m back! On Friday 28th of June is the end of term 2 and we have had a great semester this year. Below  here are some things we have done!


  • Reading the bad beginning
  • Word parts
  • Word of the day
  • Reading peoples blogs
  • Ultranet reading log
  • Reading our narratives and lots lots more

So I have showed you what we have done in reading now I’m going show show you what we have done in writing!


  • Writing our narratives
  • Pen licences
  • Blog writing
  •  Publishing our narratives
  • Monster descriptive peace 
  • Reports on history of technology and lots lots more.

I have told you about writing now maths, maths is NOT! My favourite!


  • 10 things for a $1000
  • Win/lose a flat
  • Time
  • Mathletics
  • Pirate pop maths
  • Math live and lots lots more

So now they were the main ponits and time to think out side the box!


  • Having a really cool teacher
  • Blogging
  • Making our writers notebook covers
  • Billy cart incursion
  • Rugby
  • Ultranet and lots lots lots more!

I have had a fantastic semester and i’m sure you would to.

What was your highlight of the semester?

Rugby Day!

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On Thursday the 20th of June 7 people from grade 3 and 4 from each class went to Christian Collage to play 3 games of rugby League.

When we got there we couldn’t see a thing because of all the fog it was really cold. Before we played our rugby games we had a coach from Melbourne Storm and she helped us remember how to play rugby and we played a few games!

Our first game we won! The scores were 12 to 8 so we won yay!

Our second game we won and the scores were 16 to 8 so we won again!

Our third game we won again and the scores were 18 to 0 so we won again.

Since we won all our games we went strait into the semi finals so we had 1 more game and it was a good team but the scores were very close but we won by 4 tries.

So we won the semi final so we went off the the grand final. The other team was very good and so were we but they got 4 and we got 24 ! so we are the champion girls now for this year! The funny part in the grand final was a girl hit me in the head with her footy boots and I had to be a sub becasue of my head and the guy from the other team , gave me melted ice and a few ice burgs and I put it on my head and guess what, It poped and my top of filled with cold water!


Did you do Rugby?

Why do you like rugby?